Pricing of Swimming Pools and Scope of Works

Swimming pools scope of works include 5 items

Concrete – Waterproof – Finishing – Electromechanical – Additions

If a swimming pools was a human being, it would be as follows

Concrete (Skelton) – Waterprofing & finishing ( skin ) – Heart ( pump ) – Kidney ( filter ) – Arteries ( plumbing ) – Nerves ( electrical )

Concrete Works

If project is under-constructoin, main-contractor will typically take this scope. In other cases, if client want to add swimming pool to existing villa, this scope will be included in swimming pool company scope.

Unit rate this item is m3

Pricing based on Bill of Quantity.

Waterproofing Works

Due to the overlapping between this item and finishing works. We highly recommend that both this item along with finishing works are performed by the same contractor, whether it was the swimming pool company or 3rd party contractor.

Unit rate this item is m2 and lm.

Pricing based on Bill of Quantity.

Finishing Works

We recommend a swimming pool finish is executed through one of three options. Glass mosaic, Pebble Finish, or Porcelain. 

It is not advisable to use ceramic tiles, as they have high water absorption ratio.

Unit rate this item is m2 and lm.

Pricing based on Bill of Quantity.

Electro-Mechanical Works

This is the heart work of swimming pool companies and it includes plumbing, electrical, and equipment supply. Then connecting the whole system together per the design requirements.

Unit rate this item is m3, m2 and lm.

Pricing based on Bill of Quantity.

Additional Works

It could be adding a waterfall, barbecue area, fire-pit ,or water fountain.

After meeting with the client, and defining their needs, a proposal is made that includes the required scope of works.

pricing should be similar across companies, conditioned to the fact that they share the same products, standards ,and workmanship procedures. And scopes are defined. Most price differences will be in excluded scope, which client will pay later. 

When contacting Rotex, we will quote you our pricing on each item. So clients can decide and compare and make informed decisions.


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