Skelton Work Importance

Guidelines to Build your House ( Skelton Works )

In general, residence construction in Kuwait are divided into two scopes :

  1. Skelton Work ( Concrete & Masonry )
  2. Finishing Works ( Plaster, Paint, Flooring, and Ceiling

Skelton works is considered to the the most import part of building your residential house. Its Cost is roughly 33% of the total cost.

The importance of the Skelton works is that it is very expensive to fix if possible. in some cases, it will be impossible to fix, which lead the owner to demolish, and re-build due to structure failure.

Unlike Finishing works, if paint is not accepted for example, it will cost around KWD 60 to fix ( paint can, plastic sheet for protection, and labor charges )

That is why it is very important to pay attention to the Skelton work, and nothing short of that should be acceptable.

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